By Kari Kampakis

These 10 easy truths can construct one big change on your daughter's life.

When Kari Kampakis wrote a web publication put up titled "10 Truths younger ladies may still Know," the put up went viral and was once shared 74,000 instances on fb and pinned 20,000 instances on Pinterest. evidently her message moves a chord. This nonfiction booklet for teenager & tween women expands on those 10 truths and will achieve the hearts of either moms and daughters.

Teen ladies deal day-by-day with cliques, bullying, rejection, and social media fiascos. Kari wishes women to understand that they do not have to compromise their integrity or their destiny to discover love, popularity, and protection. Her 10 truths include:

  • Kindness is extra very important than popularity.
  • People top at varied occasions of existence. belief God's plan for you.
  • Get pleased with being uncomfortable. differently, you will by no means keep on with your guns.
  • Today's offerings set the degree in your reputation.
  • You have been born to fly.

Fans of Kari's weblog and newspaper column won't are looking to leave out her first ebook. jam-packed with useful suggestion, loving help, and insightful dialogue questions, 10 final Truths women may still Know is a well timed and approachable record of instructions that might aid younger women navigate a damaged international and turn into the younger ladies God made them to be.

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The words you speak are like toothpaste. Once you say them, you can’t unsay them. You can’t reinsert them in your mouth. Even if you apologize, the mess remains. You’ve put a stain on someone’s heart that is hard to remove. Before you speak, text, or post on social media, use the Triple Filter Test attributed to Socrates2: Is it true? Is it good? Is it useful? Imagine how your grandmother might react. Would she be proud of you or mortified? Be smart upfront with what you say or write. Take thirty seconds to think about the weight your words carry before sharing them.

Abbie pointed at an empty table nearby. ” Sadie felt a little sick. She and Abbie had been friends since birth. Their moms were college roommates. They’d taken dance together for three years. What was the point of this? For some reason she couldn’t explain, Sadie’s eyes began to water. Abbie was quick to notice. ” Abbie laughed and looked at the other Queens to see who else thought this was funny. “I swear you’re such a baby sometimes. It’s just a game. ” Sadie wiped her eyes. She forbade herself to cry any more tears.

So if you’re giving your best and struggling in certain subjects, don’t sell yourself short. Don’t assume you must be “dumb” because you can’t cut it somewhere. You can and you will—just maybe not in calculus. Depending on what you show a knack for, your intelligence could fall in one of these areas: • People smart • Numbers smart • Heart smart • Food smart • Fashion smart • Sports smart • Body smart • Music smart • Animal smart • Word smart • Art smart The list goes on. When you use your talents, God gives you more.

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