By David Mack

4400 taken, 4400 lower back. All got startling new talents. Now, when you are keen to hazard all of it, it's also possible to be amazing. is that this what the longer term meant to make sure the survival of the human race? Promicin - which kills half those that dare to inject it and provides paranormal skills to people who live to tell the tale - is spreading around the globe and perilous to plunge the full global into chaos. 365 days has handed when you consider that Jordan Collier and his fans seized regulate of Seattle and renamed it Promise urban. U.S. defense force have surrounded Seattle, and every day brings Collier and his Promicin-Positive stream towards all-out warfare with the world's maximum army superpower. notwithstanding, the genuine threats are the Marked - brokers from the long run whose identities are encoded into body-hijacking nanites. They have been despatched again to thwart the efforts of the 4400. The final 3 surviving Marked lurk within the shadows, operating in mystery as they organize to bring a deathblow to the planet. stuck within the crossfire are NTAC brokers Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris. His son, Kyle, and her thirteen-year-old followed daughter, Maia, are either extra unswerving to Jordan's flow than to them. And while the standoff among Collier and the U.S. army explodes into open clash, Tom, Diana, and fellow brokers finally end up outnumbered and outgunned. in spite of everything, the destiny of all mankind will leisure within the fingers of 1 guy: Tom Baldwin.

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Motorcycle engines growled. A wave of kinetic force that shimmered like heat radiation leveled the few remaining peace officers. Moments later, three Suzuki sportbikes roared down the road, heading south, away from the acres of erupting fuel tanks. Tom stopped and raised his Glock. Diana did likewise. They aimed and fired multiple shots at the escaping cyclists. The rear and middle riders twitched and tumbled off their bikes, which toppled and skidded as the wounded terrorists landed hard on the asphalt.

After all the years they had been together, and all the risks Diana had taken and sacrifices she’d made to protect Maia, she felt as if she had a right to expect more respect from the girl than this. Dammit, I’ve told her a hundred times to steer clear of Jordan and his people, Diana fumed as she shrugged off her shoulder holster and set the weapon on the kitchen counter. All the 4400 have ever done for her is put her in danger—so why is her first loyalty to them and not to me? That rhetorical question nagged at her as she opened the refrigerator and took note of the leftovers available for that night’s dinner—which Maia might or might not be allowed to have.

Diana noted the peace officers and holstered her weapon. “I guess we ought to go say thank you,” she said, sounding not very enthused about the idea. “I guess,” Tom said. He holstered his Glock as they walked back across the dock to shore. In the two minutes it took Tom and Diana to walk over to the peace officers, reinforcements arrived. A platoon of NTAC strike forces, dozens of Seattle cops and Promise City peace officers, and six NTAC agents—led by both incarnations of their colleague Jed Garrity, whose two selves had come to be distinguished by the colors of their neckties, one red, the other blue—raced one another across the ice sheet, all vying to be the ones to make the arrest.

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