By M. I Dubrovin

The Russian language is very idiomatic. The idioms, half and parcel of the language, upload immensely to its richness. Their sort is accounted for by means of the historic improvement of the Russian language. usually Russian idioms are a stumbling block for non-Russian audio system, as they fail to appreciate Russian, either written and spoken, with out the mastery of a adequate variety of idioms, in particular these which take place such a lot frequently.
This e-book is meant essentially for English talking scholars of Russian who've a data of the necessities of Russian grammar and are conversant in a easy Russian vocabulary.

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Cf. To begin to feel one's feet: to enter into one's role. - 67. В О Л О С Ы СТАНОВЯТСЯ Д Ы Б О М volosy s t a n o v ' a t s a d y b o m One's hair stands on end. One is struck w i t h e x t r e m e horror. Cf. One's h a i r stands on end. 68. ВОТ ГДЕ С О Б А К А З А Р Ы Т А vot gd'e sobaka zaryta Here's where the dog is buried. That's t h e m a i n reason, t h e main point; that's w h e r e t h e p r o b l e m lies. Cf. That's t h e h e a r t of t h e m a t t e r ; that's t h e crux of t h e m a t t e r .

Vitat' v o b l a k a k h То be hovering in the clouds. To live in a d r e a m world, to indulge in d a y - d r e a m s not a t t e n d i n g to e v e r y d a y matters; to let one's t h o u g h t s w a n d e r . 0\ 56. В И Т Ь В Е Р Е В К И из кого-либо vit' v'er'ovki To plait ropes out of someone. To h a v e a strong influence on someone; to h a v e a person entirely s u b s e r v i e n t to one's will. Cf. To twist someone a r o u n d one's little finger. 46 Cf. To be u p in the clouds; to g o / b e wool-gathering.

Vstavl'at' palki v kol'osa To put sticks in the wheels. To deliberately i n t e r f e r e w i t h t h e execution of a plan, operation, etc. Cf. To put a spoke in someone's w h e e l to throw a s p a n n e r in t h e works; to throw m o n k e y w r e n c h e s in the machinery. 55 75. В С Т Р Е Ч А Т Ь В Ш Т Ы К И vstr'echat' v s h t y k i То give a hostile reception to someone or something. 76. ВСТУПИТЬ В С Т Р О Й vstupit' v stroy To step into formation.

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