By Ernest T. Abdel-Massih.

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E J+ bl:yas s:lam {e Greet lfuha for ne. i elina welik: s:lam make reach hlm R. (to the above ) . tFt(* lbI: yadd husa s :lam ibt: y llusa greets you. he greets to -ad you proximi-ty partlcle clina weLik: s:lam **re 1a R. (to the above ) 1ala1 No. No. uhu No. rr. LLt l,r res. - 50- Unlt I Yes, ln response t'o someone caIlI-ng your name. rFam TF nEae tE IT If 1:ah t6 lt God wlIls. lF All rlght. wax:a t+ t+ tt b+rak:a Enough. e all rlght. 2. tF Dri 11s, Addltlonal Phrases and Expresslons. What 1s my name?

Thank you, (m) ttranh you (after having tea). (n) Don't mention it. (*) Good night. (n) qooO nlght. 5 Supply the mlssing responses ln the following conversations. mufa- s:alarnuellk:un , A. husa- mufa- ma3 1ga thal ? husa- mufa- manl lwadun id: labas husa- 1:ayhn:ik: rnufa- 1wa . husa- B. fadma- sbahlxlr ciEafadma- mam iga thal ? s15a- fadma- tanbarEt: daer:im e C. r ita- cli- may tenid dubrid stranger- c11- mazy tgid ? stranger- e1i- is yurE Ea l:waEun ? stranger e 11- -sfrat stranger -shal e li- ?

P. p. s. )? tga s:aht ? *. *. p. p. )"' 4. mam q Good night. P. nsat ylman . P. s. P. Goodbye. 1:ayhn: ik:m -5i- ,A Course 7, 8. ma,zy tgid in Snoken famazight Where ? s. ) from? s. ". p. p . )tt , aerab ay giy the posltion of ttyou I . (m. ) am an Arab. p. ), she, they (m. p. )" maklng the necessary changes. w€r I have two glrls and a 9. yu:l snat ntEir:atin dlc11 Eoy. s. ), she, you (f . s. )tt . 10. Bfrat ylemrns How ? o1d is he? (tl" is) five years (ord). Substltute in the positlon of five ln the second sentenee usi"ng ttsix, ten, four, eight, seventt.

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