By Carl Henrik Hall.

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If routes with low departure frequencies should be used, coordination at the transfer locations must be made between the vehicles, and in this way complicating the construction of integrated journeys. The use of low frequented routes without any coordination to the demand responsive vehicles increases the transfer times. In case of coordination between a demand responsive service and a fixed route service there are the additional problem of different travel times for the demand responsive service.

For both clustering methods two different techniques for routing have been used. The first one generates a route that is always feasible, and where requests that cannot be assigned in a feasible way, will be left unassigned. The second one generates a tour that might be infeasible, but where all requests are assigned. 19 Planning of Public Transport Ho & Haugland (2004) study the probabilistic DARP, where each user requires service with a certain probability. This is an instance of the DARP especially useful when creating vehicle tours to be used for a given time period (more then just at one particular time).

The location of the passengers’ origins and destinations • the passengers’ requested times, and associated time windows, in which pickups and drop-offs must occur • the location of fixed route stops • the schedules of all fixed route vehicles • the accessibility level of all fixed route vehicles and transfer points • the time windows in which demand responsive vehicles are permitted to meet fixed route vehicles at transfer points • vehicle capacities • passenger loading and unloading times • the distance between stops • minimum passenger level of service standards All these inputs are necessary to be known to be able to plan the integrated trips.

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