By Dunn, M.J.

The purpose of this paintings is to supply the 1st fieldwork-based, typologically educated reference grammar of Chukchi, an indigenous language of the north-eastern nook of the Russian Federation. The theoretical method is low-key and eclectic; linguistic phenomena are defined in a way that is, in as far as it's attainable, theory-neutral, even though the place a department of linguistic concept offers instruments which enable transparent and easy description it really is used with no hesitation. Linguistic description is, notwithstanding, basic all through.

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3 Gender dialects The existence of a women’s Chukchi somehow different from men’s Chukchi is wellknown in the literature. What is perhaps surprising is that there has never been an adequate description of women’s Chukchi. In the acknowledgments to the two volumes of Skorik’s grammar (1961:14 and 1977:7) there are twelve Chukchis thanked by name; all are male. Bogoras published two small samples of women’s Chukchi in his Chukchee Mythology (1910:144,145), and another five in his (sadly inaccessible) Materialy po izucÁeniju cÁukotskogo jazyka...

The only attempts to teach Chukchi to the children come from a few dedicated cultural practitioners who struggle in the face of disheartening conditions to preserve something of their language. To date the results of their efforts are small; the teachers have little or no training in language teaching and the children have no motivation to learn. The most likely precursor to revival of the Chukchi language would be an awakening of political awareness and pride in being Chukchi. While there are stirrings of this, there are also powerful groups whose interests are deeply opposed to Chukchi cultural revival.

Bogoras’ translation: I will tell you. Last night me cam board o' ship. Me no got nothing. American man no good. My boy cried (to have a) pipe. He like him. Russian man good man. Suppose he gave it him my boy pipe, my feel good. Note in particular and KIVTM SOOBBOS suppose used as a subordinator, and the final -M of LIKM like give which look like standard South Seas Pijin transitivity markers. English loanwords in Chukchi are discussed in de Reuse (1994a). 14. 2 BACKGROUND Chapter 1 Language retention and codeswitching In the 1990s all indigenous languages in Chukotka are very much at risk.

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