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A-ab> or with (ba-ia-ab) 1 has to be interpreted as phonologically two syllables, /baab/. ) The same type of syllabic writing also often interchanges with . , phonemicized) accordingly as two syllables, namely /ba:ab/. g. , cf. simply AHw. v. ba'älu. PHONOTACTICS 47 (b) our interpretation of the behavior of length as if it were a consonant /:/, since in the transcription /ba:ab/ the symbol /:/ is replaceable by a consonant and thus obviously indicates a syllable boundary between the two identical vowels.

2 Such an interpretation is made unlikely by the fixed place of this vowel in most cases; one would expect fluctuations were it only due to writing. The other interpretation, phonological, must be in terms of stress. Indeed, in a word of the presumed syllabic structure CVCCCV- (with or without following syllables), the fluctuation of a phonetic realization either as CVCVCCV- or as CVCCVCV- has to be due to stress placed on the first syllable, with presumably secondary stress on the third, and weakest stress on the second syllable; the second syllabic vowel in this case would be a morphophonemic vowel occurring only to facilitate the pronunciation of the cluster and realized probably as a schwa.

Consonant and two lengths. 6. 3. Positions of the epenthetic vowel. The epenthetic vowel which resolves a cluster of three consonants does not always appear between the first and second consonants of the cluster. In some instances whose distribution has not been established as yet, but which seems to be dialectal, it appears between the second and third consonants. In either case, the epenthetic vowel forms the second syllable of the word. 2 Such an interpretation is made unlikely by the fixed place of this vowel in most cases; one would expect fluctuations were it only due to writing.

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