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Having reach Duhuk, midway between Zakhu and Amadiya, Quhab let himself be captured by Sulayman, who then ceded Amadiya to Bairam, no doubt for some suitable reward. Quhab never regained Amadiya, but his son was installed with Istanbul's assistance in I) 8). A MODERN HISTORY OF THE KURDS The Houses of Ardalan and Baban Two great rival Kurdish families, Ardalan and Baban, dominated the local scene on either side of the Iraqi-Iran border until the early nineteenth century. Ardalan was an ancient principality, which by the early fourteenth century had established itself over wide tracts of land on both sides of the Zagros range.

They require an urban dimension which embodies a bureaucracy and culture based upon the written word. They comprise a multiplicity of economic, legal and administrative functions in town and country, and may include religious functions also. Tribes operate on kinship ideology and territoriality; the latter includes both established villages but also more fluid ideas that no state could entertain. Tribes can be territorial in two other senses: first, they insist on a basic right of passage for seasonal migration - for example, the case of the Pizhdar versus the Iranian state in the 1920S (chapter 10) - and second, certain pastures pertain to them, possibly shared with other tribes on a seasonal basis.

S But the process was less a steady government encroachment, and more an ebb and flow between KURDISTAN BEFORE THE NINETEENTH CENTURY 3I the two sides, depending on their respective strengths and policies. Chelebi, visiting the region in the mid-I6)os, found the Kurdish princes enjoying greater freedom than they had done for a generation. Ironically all this was to change, for Chelebi was travelling with the newly appointed Wali of Van, the old enemy of the amirs, Malik Ahmad Pasha, who soon showed he had lost little of his stringency.

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