By E. Ramon-Moliner

The earliest experiences at the neighborhood distribution of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in the crucial fearful method have been in response to the decision of the volume of CO liberated via homogenates of chosen components within the presence of an ester of two choline and a bicarbonate buffer. utilizing this biochemical technique, Burgen and Chipman (1951) have been in a position to determine that acetylcholinesterase isn't really frivolously allotted in the imperative worried approach. they discovered that the cerebellum, the lateral geniculate physique, and the striatum contained a excessive focus of soreness. The excessive focus of soreness within the striatum will be correlated with the next cost of acetylcholine synthesis. besides the fact that, this used to be now not the case for the cerebellum, the place acetylcholine synthesis was once very low. different in vitro experiences were aimed toward developing the local distribution of the opposite elements of the cholinergic approach, cholinacetylase (ChA) and acetylcholine (ACh). An both asymetrical distribution for those ingredients has been demonstrated in vitro (MacIntosh, 1941; Feldberg and Mann, 1946; Feldberg and V ogt, 1948; MacIntosh and Oborin, 1953; Quastel, 1962; Mitchell, 1963; Krnjevic and Phillis, 1963; Aprison et al., 1964; McLennan, 1964; Cohen, 1956). The in vitro selection of acetylcholinesterase (Koelle, 1950; Burgen and Chipman, 1951; Giacobini, 1959; Bennett et al., 1966; Fahn and Cote, 1968; Miller et al., 1969) provides the advan tage of allowing using a substrate like ACh that is a typically happening ester of choline in order that the institution of enzyme specificity is much less questionable.

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3* 36 E. Ramon-Moliner: The nucleus tegmentosus centralis superioris (CS in Figs. 3 XII through 5XVII) is a sagittally flattened agglomeration of cells which continues rostrally the centralis inferioris. It extends as far as the caudal portion of the decussation of the brachia conjunctiva. In Nissl stained material it is not easy to establish the boundary between the centralis inferioris, the centralis superioris and the medial "islands" of the papillioformis. In Golgi material the situation is clarified to a certain extent.

Gwyn, D. , Wolstercroft, J. : Cholinesterase in the area subpostrema. A region adjacent to the area postrema in the cat. J. compo Neurol. 133,289-308 (1968). , Geneser-Jensen, F. : Distribution of Acetylcholinesterase and monoamine oxidase in the amygdala of the guinea pig. Z. Zellforsch. 120,204-221 (1971). , Peterson, A. : The distribution of cholinesterase in nerve tissue of the dog. Anat. Rec. 108,57-70 (1950). : The rhombic lip and its derivatives in relation to the theory of neurobiotaxis.

Indeed, the region may be cholinoceptive, i. , it may constitute a target for a neural ACh releasing system involved in nervous conduction (Wurzel, 1967). But to warrant this conclusion it would be necessary to prove that the enzyme that acts on AThCh does not hydrolyse other normal substrates which may not necessarily be related to synaptic or nervous conduction. It is doubtful that mere resistance to certain inhibitors like eserine or DFP should provide a reliable control, particularly if one takes into account that the brain contains relatively large amounts of sphingomyelins and lecithins which are complex esters of choline that are considerably more abundant than ACh.

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