By Joseph O. Hirschfelder, Robert E. Wyatt, Rob D. Coalson

In response to a symposium on lasers, molecules, and strategies held on the Los Alamos heart for Nonlinear stories held in July 1986. individuals current fresh advances in theoretical and experimental learn on a variety of dynamical and optical phenomena as a result of the interactions of laser beams with molecules. They describe the predictive result of subtle mathematical types, the apparatus fascinated by experiments, and show new insights into molecular constitution and behaviour.

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Dimensional space – time grid. The equations read as follows: S(z, t) ES (z, t) dz dEP (z, t) ¼ i 2 SÃ (z, t) EP (z, t) dz 2 Á GB À igB EP (z, t)ESÃ (z, t) À (S(z, t) À S0 (z, t)) dt dS(z, t) ¼ 2 dES (z, t) ¼ i (45) The space steps dz follow from the temporal steps dt by the simple relation dz ¼ +(c=n)dt. The plus sign relates to the pump pulse propagation in positive z direction, and the negative sign represents the reflected Stokes pulse. 11. Calculated and measured pump and Stokes pulses in SF6.

It is obvious that this phase conjugate reflection can be realized in volume mirrors only. In comparison to conventional mirrors, where only the perpendicular component of the wave vector is reflected at the mirror, in phase conjugation all components of the wave vector of the incident light wave will be inverted. For the theoretical ~ (~r , t): description we assume an incident wave E ~ (~r ) exp(i(k~~r À vt)) þ c:c: ¼ 1 E ~ (~r , t) ¼ 1 A ~ (~r ) exp(Àivt) þ c:c: E (16) 2 2 ~ PC (~r , t) is complex conjugated, the resulting If the spatial part of the incident wave E ~ PC (~r , t) is described reflected and then phase conjugated wave with the electric field E by ~ Ã (~r ) exp(Ài(k~~r þ vt)) þ c:c: ~ Ã (~r ) exp(Àivt) þ c:c: ¼ 1 A ~ PC (~r , t) ¼ 1 E E (17) 2 2 This process is formally equivalent with the transformation t !

This noise is then amplified by the nonlinear process up to the remarkable values as shown in Fig. 13. Therefore, this amplitude fluctuations occur more dramatically if the transit time through the SBS medium is much longer than the phonon lifetime [35]. Analyzing this process in more detail, we can assume that these phase jumps can happen at different positions along the fiber. The reflected light shows in this case a REALIZATION OF SBS MIRRORS 43 phase shift of p, and so far destructive interference between the different light waves can be obtained.

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