By Richard Headstrom

With a typical magnifying glass and this ebook as your consultant, 50 adventures in shut commentary look forward to you. those enjoyable nature experiences take you on box journeys in and round your place, calling cognizance to fascinating good points of dozens of wide-spread or missed vegetation, bugs, and different animals, and customary fabrics like fabric, quartz, and the paper on which this ebook is printed.
A good deal of simple natural-science thought and aspect is gifted during this pleasant narrative. vegetation and grasses, fish scales, moth and bug wings, egg situations, buds, feathers, seeds, leaf scars, moss, molds, ferns, and customary crystals are among the buildings tested, usually relatively. Many average methods and behaviour styles are saw — seed dispersal and different equipment of replica, protecting shade, rusting symbiosis, fertilization of the soil, respiring and case construction of bugs, and so on, all with simply a cheap hand lens as gear and with "specimens" you most likely go via going for a stroll. greater than 2 hundred categorized illustrations accompany the text.
The writer is a former instructor and affiliate curator of the hot England Museum of average historical past. No earlier technology historical past is believed of readers, and curious readers of just about any age will locate this e-book a fascinating advent to varied points of nature study.

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They are called veins. Note how they are arranged. This arrangement is peculiar to the housefly, and in no other insect will you find them arranged in precisely the same way. Veins are known by certain terms according to their position. Thus veins are known as the costa, subcosta, radius, media, -cubitus, and anal. , or they may be merely indicated by letters, as RI, R2, R3, etc. The arrangement of the veins is known as venation or neuration and serves as a means of classifying insects. As a matter of fact, the wings of insects present such countless differences that an expert can usually refer a detached wing to its proper genus and often to its species even though there are at present almost a million known species.

It is grass green in color and somewhat triangular in shape with a characteristic twohorned enlargement at the front (Figjlre 23). are of common occurrence except in the cities, where they do not seem to be able to grow because of the smoke and gases that pollute the air. We find them almost everywhere, and yet, in spite of their abundance, few people know what they are. Sometimes I wonder why it is that we so often fail to take more of an interest in things we see every day. How often have you observed the gray embroidery on a rock in a pasture, the yellow rosette on the trunk of a tree by the wayside, or the red coral on the decaying log or stump in the woods and given them only a passing glance?

What appears at a casual glance to be a single flower is composed of a number of small flowers or florets. Each floret has a tubular calyx with five delicate points and a little stalk, and the corolla of five petals, which are very unequal, reminds us of the sweet pea (Figure 43). The superior petal, known as the standard or banner, more or less completely encloses the two lateral ones, and the two lower ones are more or less united into what is known as the keel. There are ten stamens, nine of which are united and one is free (see if you can find them), and one pistil.

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