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Baron, "Ghetto and Emancipation," reprinted in The Menorah Treasury, ed. Leo W. Schwarz (Philadelphia, 1964), p. 63. 8One year later, as the eye of the fascist storm neared, Baron would counter with a defiantlyupbeat diaspora-oriented readingof Jewish history. "''For Dubnovthe Jewishpeople neverceased to be the subjectof theirhistory,to use the chargedand misleadingrhetoricof his time, and his researchassembledthe historicaldatato vindicatehis rejectionof Zionism in favor of nationalminorityrights for Jews whereverthey might reside.

18. , 1:v. 19. Die Zukunft, 1937, p. 765. 46 ISMAR SCHORSCH What separated them was the legacy of Dubnov. Though not a partisan diaspora nationalist, Baron definitely wove a stunning pattern of exilic accomplishments that included such strands as religious loyalty, political sagacity, economic prowess, institutional inventiveness, physical resilience, and intellectual creativity. Beyond this, he ventured to anchor that record of ethnic survival without benefit of homeland or sovereignty in the character of Judaism itself.

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