By Sterling Professor of the Humanities Harold Bloom

Scholars can be enlightened by means of this exam of the autobiography that was once transcribed and built via journalist Alex Haley. The e-book gains an annotated bibliography, an advent through student Harold Bloom, and an inventory of different works by way of the writer.

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He begins to understand that for African Americans to be successful, they must be aggressive about helping one another. At this point, the Nation of Islam has limited funds to work with, and Malcolm personally owns nothing except clothes, a watch, and a suitcase. The car he drives, and puts 30,000 miles on in five months, belongs to the Nation of Islam. Malcolm is instrumental in helping to establish more temples across the United States. ” His eagerness and blend of religion and politics reveal a difference between Malcolm, who is constantly traveling, proselytizing, and lecturing, and Elijah, who cautions Malcolm to be patient.

58 Critical Views David P. Demarest, Jr. on Dual Authorship and the Book’s Undogmatic Tone Clearly The Autobiography’s literary effectiveness is enhanced by some of its didactic aspects—its carefully symmetrical structure, for instance. Beginning at the beginning, Malcolm narrates his childhood and his teenage life of crime. Finally in prison, feeling that he has become Satan incarnate, he undergoes his first conversion, to Elijah Muhammad’s religion. The chapter titled “Saved” is right at mid-point in the book— pages 169 through 190 in a total that runs to 382.

He becomes familiar with Black Nationalist thought and comes to understand the extent to which he had been brainwashed by the dominant culture. When he is not reading, Malcolm seeks to convert fellow prisoners to the Nation of Islam. ” He always finds a way to work race into his arguments, whether about Shakespeare or the military, and is pleased when he gets a white minister to admit that Jesus was not white, causing a stir of excitement in the prison. ” He feels troubled when his brother Reginald begins to speak badly of Elijah: “It caught me totally unprepared.

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