By Fordham University, 1971. 8th, Bier, William Christian, ; Fordham University, New York. Institute of Pastoral Psychology

His estrangement, not just from the area, yet from himself to boot, has develop into one of many extra pervasive features of contemporary guy. adolescence with its culture and counterculture, minorities, alienated from society and from different minorities, generations pushed aside by way of conflicts in lifestyles-all are manifestations of this modern challenge. the sort of subject, addressed by means of the 1971 Institute of Pastoral Psychology, lends itself to, and certainly calls for, an interdisciplinary strategy. As in invaluable Institutes and their released lawsuits, worthy contributions were made by means of the behavioral and social sciences, theology, philosophy, and the legislation to an figuring out of the issues encountered, not just in pastoral paintings, but additionally within the broader components of human lifestyles and its institutions. the current quantity perspectives alienation as a many-faceted malaise, having its distant roots in philosophy and faith, and extra lately within the writings of political and social theorists. This common old heritage is via an exploration of latest affects, comparable to warfare and overseas pressure. subsequent, 3 focal issues are given prolonged treatment-alienation within the political and social order, the alienation of youngster, and spiritual alienation. now not overlooked are chosen manifestations of alienation affecting the elderly, the terrible, and people set aside through their homosexuality. ultimately, representatives from 4 differing disciplines recommend what could be sleek man's responses to his feel of estrangement. This quantity, quantity Seven within the Pastoral Psychology sequence, will absolutely entice a much wider readership than that which the Institute initially meant.

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340; Easton & Guddat, 1967, p. 333), and that Hegel's philosophy is but the reintroduction of religious alienation (Easton & Guddat, 1967, pp. 316-317). The problem, as Marx sees it, is that Feuerbach's materialism is unhistorical, and his history is unmaterialistic (Marx, 1845a, pp. 37-38). Feuerbach, says Marx, does not go to the roots of alienation, because he fails to see its source in the productive activity of man, with the result that his solution to the problem is no more realistic then Hegel's (Easton & Guddat, 1967, pp.

4).  wrote their philosophical nonsense beneath the French original. For instance, beneath the French criticism of the economic functions of money, they wrote `alienation of humanity'" (Marx, 1848, p. 39). It would be a mistake, however, to think that in repudiating a term which had become vague and meaningless Marx was abandoning a concept which served so well to highlight the task which his revolutionary philosophy had set for itself. In capitalist society, Marx was convinced, the human individualevery human individual, rich and poor alikehad lost himself, becoming enslaved to an economic force which men had created but could no longer control.

J. 51 In Psychiatric Perspective William W. J. 62 III. Political and Social Alienation 83 Dimensions of Political Alienation H. Mark Roelofs 85 Alienation among Minority Groups Madeline H. Engel 94 Alienation in the Developing Countries Joseph B. J. 113 IV. Alienation of Youth 121 Alienation as a Phenomenon of Youth William C. Kvaraceus 123 Drug Abuse as a Symptom of Alienation Robert E. Gould 136 Suicidethe Ultimate in Alienation Charles C. McArthur 141 Page vi V. Youth Speaks On Alienation 151 Alienation of a Former Drug-Addict Frank Negron 153 General Alienation of Youth Stuart Vexler 155 Alienation of College Students L Mark Winston 158 Post-college Alienation Roger Mooney 162 Alienation of the Black Man Michael Bryant 165 VI.

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