By Harun Yahya

While the fantastic concord in nature is obviously observable regardless of the bare eye, how can or not it's attainable to imagine that this layout used to be validated haphazardly and luckily? definitely, there has to be an proprietor of this layout current in bodies and attaining the remotest corners of the particularly tremendous universe. This booklet is a summons to contemplate the universe and the dwelling issues Allah has created and to work out the perfection of their construction.

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44 Allah is Known Through Reason neck. A little thinking would make one notice how difficult it must be to have the blood pumped so high. But giraffes do not have any problem about this, because their hearts are equipped with features to pump blood as high as necessary. This enables them to carry on with their lives effortlessly. Yet they still face another problem while they drink water. Essentially, giraffes should have died of high blood pressure every time they bent down to drink water. However, the perfect system in their necks completely eliminates this risk.

The eye has a multi-sectioned complex system and, as discussed above, all of these individual sections had to come into existence at the same time. It is impossible for a half-developed eye to function at ‘half capacity’. In such 32 Allah is Known Through Reason vitreous sclera cornea choroid iris retina pupil lens optic nerve aqueous The eye, which has an extremely complex structure, is not able to see in the absence of even a single one of its components, for instance the tear glands, when the act of seeing takes place.

As a matter of fact, this atheistic understanding of science is quite recent. Until a few centuries ago, science and religion were never thought to clash with each other, and science was accepted as a method of proving the existence of Allah. The so-called atheistic understanding of science flourished only after the materialist and positivist philosophies swept through the world of science in the 18th and 19th centuries. Particularly after Charles Darwin postulated the theory of evolution in 1859, circles holding a materialistic world view started to ideologically defend this theory, which they looked upon as an alternative to religion.

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