By William Shakespeare

Helena schemes with Diana to meet Bertram’s conditions and win his love, yet as Bertram’s infidelity and Helena’s deceits are published, the viewers is left to wonder whether, in love, the tip justifies the potential.

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From Dickens to Dracula: Gothic, Economics, and Victorian Fiction (Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture)

Starting from the panoramic novels of Dickens to the horror of Dracula, Gail Turley Houston examines the ways that the language and imagery of economics, trade and banking are reworked in Victorian Gothic fiction, and strains literary and uncanny components in financial writings of the interval. Houston exhibits how banking crises have been usually associated with ghosts or inexplicable non-human forces and monetary panic used to be figured via Gothic or supernatural ability.

A Laodicean (Penguin Classics)

The daughter of a filthy rich railway rich person, Paula energy inherits De Stancy citadel, an historical fortress wanting modernization. She commissions George Somerset, a tender architect, to adopt the paintings. Somerset falls in love with Paula yet she, the Laodicean of the name, is torn among his admiration and that of Captain De Stancy, whose old-world romanticism contrasts with Somerset's forward-looking angle.

All's Well That Ends Well (The Pelican Shakespeare)

With new editors who've included the main updated scholarship, this revised Pelican Shakespeare sequence could be the most excellent selection for college students, professors, and normal readers good into the twenty-first century.
Each quantity positive aspects:
* Authoritative, trustworthy texts
* top of the range introductions and notes
* New, extra readable alternate trim size
* An essay at the theatrical international of Shakespeare and essays on Shakespeare's existence and the choice of texts

The Time Machine and The Invisible Man (Signet Classics)

Jointly in a single necessary quantity, The Time computer and The Invisible guy are masterpieces of irony and creative imaginative and prescient from H. G. Wells, the daddy of technology fiction.

The Time desktop conveys the Time vacationer into the far-off destiny and a unprecedented global. There, stranded on a slowly loss of life Earth, he discovers strange races: the effete Eloi and the subterranean Morlocks—a haunting portrayal of Darwin’s evolutionary thought carried to a poor conclusion.

The Invisible guy is the attention-grabbing story of a brash younger scientist who, experimenting on himself, turns into invisible after which criminally insane, trapped within the terror of his personal creation.

Convincing and unforgettably actual, those classics are consummate representations of the tales that outlined technology fiction—and encouraged generations of readers and writers.

With an advent via John Calvin Batchelor
and an Afterword via Paul Youngquist

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