By Robert Vinh Mau (auth.), José M. Arias, Manuel Lozano (eds.)

The box of nuclear physics is coming into the twenty first century whereas experiencing a powerful revival. at the one hand it truly is altering qualitatively via new experimental advancements that let us to direct radioactive and different unique probes to focus on nuclei, and touch off super vigorous nuclear collisions. additionally, the notable sophistication of recent detector structures leads us to count on a couple of new discoveries within the close to destiny. nevertheless many new purposes have seemed in fields as varied as medication, undefined, artwork, archaeology and the environmental sciences. This ebook is a collection of prolonged lectures on simple and new themes, that provides an educational advent to the sector of recent nuclear physics. it truly is very best to bridging the distance among the traditional textbook fabric and the learn literature, and gives the mandatory beginning for performing as those that intend to paintings in any of the various disciplines the place nuclear technological know-how and know-how goes to play an immense position within the future.

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