By Todd Telander

Animal Tracks is one in a sequence of finished, nature-based field publications in a pocket-size trim with transparent, full-color illustrations for simple topic identification.

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The claws are long, heavy, and prominent in the track. The metacarpal pads are fused in a loose arc shape, with an additional proximal pad in the front foot and a faint heel impression on the rear. The sole is not furry as in most other mustelids. indd 36 3/23/12 1:12 PM MAMMALS Mink, Mustela vison or Neovison vison Family Mustelidae (Mustelids) Size/Weight: approx. 20” long with tail; approx. 2½ lbs. Range: Most of the United States except for western and southwestern states Habitat: Areas near streams and lakes The mink is an elongate, short-legged mustelid with a long tail, webbed feet, and a semi-aquatic lifestyle.

In summer, the antlers are covered in velvet. They are active at twilight hours, moving in small groups or singly, browsing for tree branches, grasses, and herbs. Track size (front): 2¼” wide x 3¼” long Track size (rear): 2” wide x 3” long Description of Track: The front track is larger than the rear. Both feet have four toes, with two hooved inner toes and two outer dewclaws that do not register in the track. The track is shaped like an inverted heart and is taller than wide. There is a thin ridge of subunguinis and a noticeable ridge between the hooves.

The front track is wider than the rear, and the toes on cats splay easily, making the track appear even wider. indd 46 3/23/12 1:12 PM MAMMALS Bobcat, Lynx rufus or Felis rufus Family Felidae (cats) Size/Weight: approx. body 28” long, tail 5” long; approx. 22 lbs. Range: Throughout the United States except parts of the midwest Habitat: A wide variety of habitats, including forests, riparian areas, chaparral The bobcat is about double the size of a housecat, is wellcamouflaged, and has a very short, “bobbed” tail.

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