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Nuclei. In the raw spectrum of y rays recorded in coincidence with Be LCPs we do not see any distinct peak near 3368 keV, which could be associated with y emission from stationary 10Be nuclei (see Figs. 1 and 2). Obviously, yrays emitted from the moving 10Be in directions almost orthogonal to the 10Be momentum result in a broad bump centered on the maximum of the 3368 keV peak. To get rid of this bump we picked out only such events where the angles between the trajectories of y rays and 10Be nuclei were less than 45° or greater than 135°.

The distance from the source to AE detector was 27 mm and from )E detector to E detector was 13 mm in all telescopes. 3. Results and Discussion The resolution of the AZsxE telescopes allowed us to well identify helium, beryllium, boron and carbon nuclei, when energy deposition in the E detector was greater then 5 MeV. From this value 5 MeV, we calculated the lower primary energy of the LCPs registered in the experiment, as 9, 20, 24, 32 MeV for He, Be, B, and C LCPs, respectively. The lithium region was shadowed by the random coincidence of the ternary helium LCPs with the 252Cf a-decay particles.

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